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Our Beliefs

A Picture of Church Life:

Already, 100–150 people come together each week to worship in the Church and throughout the year the building hosts many special services which reflect the seasons of the church calendar, e.g. Easter, Christmas and Harvest celebrations. Plus cherished family events such as weddings, funerals and baptisms.

There are significant community occasions such as the memorial services for Hillsborough and services with the local Marie Curie Hospice for those who are recently bereaved.

We also host evening concerts which serve a double purpose as popular social gatherings for as many as 250 people, (some of whom are regular church-goers, but many who are not), and successful fund-raising events for local, national and international charities as well as church funds. 

Finally, we host local school visits and interesting local events such lectures, etc.

Our Beliefs:

We aim to

  • Make our worship inclusive and welcoming to all
  • Share with others in responding to human need locally, nationally and world wide
  • Be challenged by the spirit of God as we learn and grow together in faith and service

We will do this by

  • Developing our church buildings as places of worship, prayer, fellowship and service
  • Supporting and working with our young people
  • Reaching out into our community, particularly through prayer and flower ministry and strengthening links with our hall users
  • Offering opportunities for learning and fellowship
  • Supporting the caring work of our community
  • e.g. Marie Curie, City Centre Basement Drop-in, Centre 56 Women and Children's Refuge
  • Supporting organisations worldwide that work for justice and peace

We are committed to making our faith known by word and action and in this modern world that means using modern technology to reach as many people as possible. We now have a church Facebook page, St James Church Woolton, can we encourage those of you that use this social media site to 'like' and then invite others to the page. Please share events that are happening at St James with others. If you have any events happening either the one off's or the regulars, then let us know and they can be mentioned on the page.

We believe that spiritual and secular life in any community should be more closely linked now than ever before and recently St James' underwent a major program of repair and modernisation so that we can take part in witness and as part of Woolton's 21st century village life. After successful completion of the refurbishment we can now operate within the community as a comfortable place where village business people can take lunch and enjoy a time of quiet reflection; a child-friendly place where pre-school and school age children can hold special events when their usual venues have limited capacity; an inspiring spiritual space for our uniformed organisations to carry out appropriate parts of their programmes and provide a flexible space for initiatives in our Mission Priorities (e.g. Messy Church and Café Church).

People Of Faith

The people of St James are a mixed group in age, life experience, work backgrounds, appearance. On this page we will be able to hear some of those journeys.