St James' Church
Methodist/URC, Woolton, Liverpool, UK

In our heart is a commitment to follow the way of Jesus Christ and to share the love of God with all.

1811 - 2013: Over 200 years of witness and service

You are invited to join us in any of our events ,to see our wonderful refurbished Church and join our services! - "Come and see!"

The church is open for coffee every Tuesday morning from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm, there is also a regular coffee morning held on the second Saturday of the month in our church hall - everyone welcome - 10.00 am - 12.00 pm. Please note Coffee Mornings are suspended.

Dan Holmes Concert on Sunday evening (24th January), there will a short concert for you - Live!  From his home studio/office via Facebook Live at 6:00 pm UK time. It will only be about 30 minutes, but he’d like to share a little music and maybe a story or two with you and anyone else that would like to watch. 

       Please pass this along to your friends, anyone you think might enjoy it. Dan will record the concert, too, so it can later be uploaded to YouTube. In case folks aren’t able to watch live, they can therefore watch it later or watch it again. It is his hope that this might bring a little light to you and bring us a little closer together.  Again, please pass this along to everyone - here is the 'Facebook Event' page to share with you.

      Please share with your friends. Dan is a much-valued friend of St James’ and we thoroughly hope that you enjoy his concert. Hopefully, one day soon, we will see him and Sue gracing our church again. God willing.

Many, many thanks for your generous and caring donations towards our centres nominated for gifts during the Christmas season this year.  As we could not hold our usual Gift Service, we asked for financial donations and are delighted to say in total we received £695.00. With this amazing amount we have been able to send:

     £100 to Action for Children for their appeal to buy new pyjamas for children to wear on Christmas Eve.  The local centre we support works from Ellergreen Community Centre in Norris Green.

    £100 each was given to Centre 56 who provide Nursery and After School care for children in the Kirkdale area of Liverpool who are in home situations suffering from domestic and financial abuse.

     Two Refuge centres, one in the North of the City and one close to us in the South.  These centres offer refuge to women and children fleeing from domestic abuse.  The money was used to provide presents for the children in the centres at Christmas time.

     £295 was given to The Whitechapel Centre who provide and support families in distress at the Belvidere Centre.  There were 50 children in the centre over the Christmas period who will have benefitted from your help. We have received a letter of thanks from the Whitechapel centre thanking us for our help and support.

     Thank you once again for your generosity and kindness which helped all these centres provide toys, toiletries, sweets! and many other goodies to the children in need.

For many years we have offered a “Christmas Experience”, inviting children from Woolton CP School and the members of our Youth Organisations to come to church and share in the Christmas Story though Story Stations and activities. 

       This year we were keen to carry on our outreach and to try to offer something, particularly to the children from Woolton CP, although obviously not in church. In past years we have always given the children an item to take home with them, to remind them of the visit and what they have learned. During our discussions we agreed that something we have all learned is that it is not “things and possessions” that are important to us in our lives, but “people and acts of kindness”. As such we thought that our theme this year would be “Give Your Heart for Christmas” so our “giveaway” was a small heart.