St James' Church
Methodist/URC, Woolton, Liverpool, UK

In our heart is a commitment to follow the way of Jesus Christ and to share the love of God with all.

1811 - 2013: Over 200 years of witness and service

You are invited to join us in any of our events ,to see our wonderful refurbished Church and join our services! - "Come and see!"

The church is open for coffee every Tuesday morning from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm, there is also a regular coffee morning held on the second Saturday of the month in our church hall - everyone welcome - 10.00 am - 12.00 pm. 

Please note Coffee Mornings are suspended during the COVID19 crisis


      During November, you are invited to bring a ribbon or small strip of cloth (any colour) to tie to the church railings in memory of someone important to you who is no longer with you. If you would also like to put your name, or theirs, on a piece of paper in the prayer box near the gate, they will be included in the Church’s prayers.

     If you can’t get to church to tie a ribbon and would like someone to do it on your behalf, please ring Liz, Margaret Dee or Irene Elliott. Ribbons etc will remain in place till Friday November 27th. If you would like to take yours home again, please collect it before Thursday November 26th. Thank you.

MAG Group - Christmas Wishes 2020  
Over a number of years at St James we have had a “Christmas Wish Tree” in church where we have invited you to write a Christmas message, hang it on the tree, and make a donation. 

       Sadly, this year, due to our current circumstances, this will not be possible. However, we have come up with a plan to share Christmas messages with each other. We are creating a St James Family Christmas Card / booklet which will include everyone's greetings. We will print copies and distribute to everyone. We feel that this is a good way of connecting together at a time when we would normally be sharing and enjoying so many Christmas services and events together.

       If you would like to have your greeting included, and you can send a photo too if you wish. Please write your name clearly we know who the wishes are from. If you also wish to make a Christmas donation with your wish then this can be done by Bank Transfer (Ref. CHRISTMAS WISH) as you would your weekly collection OR by post with a cheque payable to St James Church (please write CHRISTMAS WISH on the back) to the Treasurer, many thanks.

MAG Group - Give Your Heart for Christmas For many years we have offered a “Christmas Experience”, inviting children from Woolton CP School and the members of our Youth Organisations to come to church and share in the Christmas Story though Story Stations and activities. 

       This year we will not be able to provide this in the same way. However, we are keen to carry on our outreach and to try to offer something, particularly to the children from Woolton CP, although obviously not in church. In past years we have always given the children an item to take home with them, to remind them of the visit and what they have learned. During our discussions at our meeting we agreed that something we have all learned is that it is not “things and possessions” that are important to us in our lives, but “people and acts of kindness”. As such we thought that we would like our theme this year to be “Give Your Heart for Christmas” and that our “giveaway” could be a small heart.